The individualization of your gear is probably the most fun part of what is sometimes called the EDC lifestyle. Adding a personal touch to your kit of everyday carry items is a creative way of expressing yourself.

The young German brand Daily Customs does not only offer high-quality custom scales for Victorinox Swiss Army Knives but also multi-material lanyard beads. Based on a modular concept, the beads can be assembled from two components: a basic bead and a connection piece. They can be purchased separately and are available in titanium, brass and copper. The materials can be mixed and matched to your liking.

The basic bead consists of two pieces of the same material. It can be used standalone, but it gets more interesting if you add at least one coupler in the middle. I decided to go for a brass basic bead and a titanium connection piece. No tools are needed for assembly, all three pieces are simply stacked onto each other. Lanyard knots on each end keep the bead together.

The 6 millimeter hole easily fits two strands of 550 paracord.

Daily Customs - Customizable Bead
Daily Customs - Customizable Bead
Daily Customs - Customizable Bead
Daily Customs - Customizable Bead


  • Material: Brass, titanium
  • Height (basic bead plus coupler): 18 mm | 0.71″
  • Diameter: 14 mm | 0.55″
  • Hole diameter: 6 mm | 0.24″
  • Weight: 10 g | 0.25 oz
  • Country of origin: Germany